An Idiot Abroad on Netflix

What to watch on Netflix-

My husband introduced me to this show and it is great, love it! An Idiot Abroad is a comedy where Ricky Gervais sends his friend Karl Pilkington around the world to “explore” but it’s not all fun and dandy, he has him staying in some less than great locations, eating some nasty foods, seeing/doing some weird stuff. The best part is Karl’s personality is the type where he blurts everything he’s thinking, doesn’t have a filter. The show will have you laughing throughout the whole episode. With guest stars Stephen Merchant, Warwick Davis(WILLOW).

The best part is; it’s on NETFLIX and you can binge watch the first 3 seasons. And I guess there is a spin off called The Moaning of Life with 2 more seasons – can’t wait to watch them!!

Have you seen this show? Can you relate to his personality? I will honestly admit my filter slips and I blurt things out I probably should keep in my own head. Definitely not as much as Karl but more times then I’d like to admit and I’m surprised people don’t hate me, I don’t mean for things to be hurtful or come off the way they do.

Is there a show you just love on Netflix? By the way to save a little extra cash each month, cut your cable and have Netflix and stream stuff online, you’ll have plenty to watch!! 

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