a week off

Well, I’ve had this entire week off from work and you know what we’ve done, hardly anything. I’ve been in a funk lately and now that it’s Friday, honestly I feel a little bad we didn’t get out more. But I’m just sick of the heat and my kid not being grateful for all we do for him. Although it also has been amazing just sitting around the house and not doing much, I do miss our adventures.

Last Friday was the first movie in the park of our summer, showing the Lorax, it started sprinkling on us while we laid there. We went to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium a couple times this week, I love having a zoo membership it has definitely paid for itself how many times we’ve visited. No matter how many times we’ve seen the Indiana Bones show, he still wants to see it and this time he was chosen to go on stage and boy did he love it!! We saw the baby leopards and two birds flew on Mason at the same time and his face was priceless, he was in complete shock and went completely stiff lol.



Got myself a Chromebook and I love it so far! It’s nice to be able to store my blog stuff and not share with anyone else 🙂 and now can blog while traveling. Trying to budget and watch what goes out my wallet, summer can be so expensive especially when the free stuff like the park is too hot to handle. Even with a budget it has been an expensive week; had to get an eye exam and order glasses(with no insurance), the heat has made us lazy and eating out a lot. Being an adult sucks sometimes 🙂 My hair had been needing a new cut and style, so I went out and got it cut and added some color. I’m not going to post a picture just yet because I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. It will take some time getting used to, it’s like 3-4 inches shorter than I wanted her to cut. Chin length! I should of known better, I went to someone that I’ve never been to before 🙁 Oh well, it’s nice and cool for this heat and in a couple weeks it should be the length I wanted! Always need to look on the bright side. It was good catching up, now I’ll go enjoy this 91 degree weather! not haha!

Are you looking forward to the second half of summer? What do you have planned?

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  1. Sometimes a week off doing bugga all is a good week I don’t know why people thing when they have a week off work they have to do stuff sometimes it is nice to do nothing so relaxing

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