9/26-9/28 Weekend recap

Are you ready for some of my rambling and photos from our weekend? It’s okay if you just skip over my talking and just look at the pictures, I won’t know 😉

Friday – the weekend started off wonderful, no issues with someones attitude or anything. School, work. Target had a great cartwheel coupon for kids costumes so of course we hopped on that one and someone couldn’t resist wearing it immediately, we’ll defiantly get our money out of it!


Anyone else have issues with neighborhood kids? Why can’t kids be nice? We’ve had issues before with this one two-faced little boy who is actually in Mason’s class this year, that will play with Mason when other kids aren’t around, and rude to him when others are around, then many hurt feelings and tears from Mason. Usually it’s just problems with this kid. But nope Friday night while Mason was running around playing with the neighborhood kids(about 12 kids), I was walking around the corner heard Mason screaming and crying and they were picking on him. A couple of the kids were as old as 6th grade. I was so pissed. I wanted so badly to yell at them and talk to their parents. After Mason went home, I decided to walk the dog for like 30 minutes and mean mug them while I walked by each time lol. WHAT WOULD YOU OF DONE? HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOUR CHILD? I need parenting advice, I’ve already told him he can’t play with the neighborhood kids and what they did was not right.


Saturday I took spider-man to Seattle. We took advantage of the free Smithsonian museum day and went to the EMP. We had never been and it was very cool. We both weren’t too interested in the music area but the entertainment area was awesome. Mason is defiantly meant for the entertainment business, his favorite area was the green screen, he loved it. The cowardly lion’s eyes from The Wizard of Oz was a little too real looking, scary. It was a beautiful day in Seattle.





Sunday was pretty low key for us, our outing of the day was a trip to Costco lol. We made cookies, homemade bread. Buying a bread machine was a great purchase it is SO easy and who doesn’t love fresh homemade bread. Got tips for cutting it in thin slices? Because I’m horrible at it! We watched movies, I love that my 6 year old’s favorite actor is Adam Sandler and anytime he sees him he goes “Hey, that’s my favorite actor.”

This isn’t the weekend but Mason had a great visit to the dentist this morning, no cavities, got xrays(without anesthesia), only a little nervous and hopefully his fear will eventually pass. If your new here Mason loved going to the dentist for the first 5 1/2 years of his life then had a horrific experience with his old dentist so we switched. Besides writing about it on my blog I didn’t write any reviews about his experience with that dentist on yelp or google or anything. Should I? I would love to warn any parents.


Happy Monday!

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    1. Yeah, you need to it was a lot of fun! And it’s right next to the space needle, so park and walk around that area 🙂

    1. Yeah, it was a fun weekend besides a few hiccups but what’s life without a few hiccups 😉 They also have the wicked witches hat!

  1. Can you believe I lived just 45 minutes from Seattle and never did any of these things?! Never went to the EMP, or the top of the Space Needle. Now I see people doing all these things and I kick myself!

    1. You should! I’ve lived in Washington my whole life, within an hour of Seattle and I’ve only checked out a few places because I dread driving in the city but I came to a realization that I just need to try it more and then maybe I’ll get more comfortable with it 😉

  2. Looks like a cool weekend. We had some problems with bullies, and tried inviting the child round for play dates, which helped a little. As someone already said the bully generally has underlying issues so keep encouraging your little one and ensure he knows he can talk to you. By not overreacting he will see he can tell you and you can help him to deal with it

  3. Oh yes absolutely I would put out the word on the dentist… After all you never can tell how good a dentist is without others reviews right, and nothing is worse than going to a bad dentist. Looks like you guys had a fun filled weekend!

  4. Your “Spiderman” is darling! I’m sorry he is dealing with bullying. It is hard on us moms. I probably would’ve gone “Mama Bear” on those kids out of natural instinct, but that probably isn’t the best way to handle it 🙂

    1. Believe me it was very hard to keep it together, cause I just wanted to yell at them. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Ugh, I feel your pain on the kids. My son came home from daycare twice this past week after being picked on by three boys in his class, and broke my heart when he told me they scared him. And these are four year olds!!! What to do!?!

    1. I’m sorry that is happening to your son. Kids can be so mean and it’s especially sad when the bulling starts at such a young age 🙁 Did you talk to the daycare staff about it? I would if I were you so they can watch for it!

  6. Your son is just having a blast 🙂 My son has been picked in school too. He has trouble making friends and it’s really tough to watch. In his old school he would get bullied by the big kids in the school bus and he really hated and was even afraid of travelling with them. We talked with the teachers, the driver and just everyone we could but it would only help for few days. We finally moved and are living in a smaller town now and the change of school and friends has been really good for him.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this, but I’m glad it’s going much better after your move. It is such a sad thing when you see a child or anyone getting picked on, especially when it’s your own child.

  7. I feel for you son, I know how it feels to be picked on by kids and while i’m not a parent I can come from the childs perspective perhaps. I would just reassure your son that whatever these kids do to him is not about him but about them. Let him know that people who treat you bad usually have some insecurity within themselves and they take it out on other people because they can’t handle it. Tell him that the experience will make him stronger and that it’s good he’s learning now because it will prepare him for handling these situations in the future. Just my thoughts, if I were a mom I think it would be SO hard not to tell those kids off but you did the right thing, mean muggin is enough 😉

    1. Thank you for your advice and sorry to hear this happened to you. Bullying is a hard thing to witness. Thanks for stopping by.

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