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5 Items to buy at Trader Joe’s this Fall!

5 Items to buy at Trader Joe’s this Fall!


My family loves Trader Joe’s and sadly this past year I’ve only been able to make it over there a couple times a year. (Grocery shopping with a baby can be difficult!) Each season I get over to TJ’s at least once for their seasonal goodies!

I’m sharing my top 5 items to buy this fall at Trader Joe’s below and if you’re looking for more items check out my post from last year, 10 best things to buy at Trader Joe’s this fall. I did notice they didn’t have as much fall foods this year though, I don’t know if that was just my store or they’re flying off the shelves? What’s your must buy at TJ’s during the fall months?


  1. TJ’s Veggie Lasagna– although you can find this product year round in the freezer section. It is my absolute favorite lasagna! And it’s perfect for these cold months and honestly taste just as good heated in the microwave.

2. Ready to cook Butternut Squash– this squash is so versatile, easy to cook and taste good. You could easily just eat it with a little butter, salt and pepper. Or bake it like a fry and you’re child won’t even be able to tell ;)

3. Autumn Harvest Pasta Sauce– can’t believe this was the first time I bought and tried this. So good! Spaghetti sauce with a hint of Fall added!

4. Pumpkin Muffins– they didn’t have the other muffins that I usually pick up so I decided to try these. They’re good, just sweet. More of a dessert then a breakfast muffin, in my opinion.

5. Crispy Potato Snacks– this is a great snack for children and adults alike. BUT I will admit they are seriously a hit or miss if you’ll like them. My son and husband didn’t like them at all but my 1 year old, niece and I loved them and devoured them within the evening. They are not your typical potato chip, they are tad bit bland but they are good(if that even makes sense lol). 

Just an extra! The Pumpkin Ravioli’s are another great one to purchase during the fall and even a few extras to freeze, I’ve got a delicious recipe for them you can find here.

Pumpkin Ravioli Recipe that is perfect as a side or main. It's sweet and salty.

Here are 5 items to buy at Trader Joe's this fall, not just pumpkin flavored either!



Saturday 22nd of September 2018

That harvest pasta sauce is AMAZING! I’m also a big fan of the harvest salsa which is really mild (i’m wimpy!), the pumpkin greek yogurt, and the honeycrisp apple cider. It’s the best time of year at trader joe’s!