4th of July 2016 Recap

4th of july 2016

I’ll make this post short 🙂 We had another amazing 4th of July this year! Although the day was spent just the three of us, it was calm and relaxed, we ate wonderful food made by yours truly, watched and lit fireworks with the neighborhood.

Surprisingly for making too much food, most of it got eaten, that boy can put meat away. We had homemade guacamole, steak, ribs, chicken kabobs, a couple sides (nothing fancy – olives, salad, melon, chips), and flag cake for dessert!

4th of july 2016

We’ve been making the flag cake for a couple years now, it’s a tradition that is very easy for kids and it’s always a favorite! Find the recipe here and remember to pin it for next year 😉4th of july flag cake

This year we decided to allow the neighborhood(our tenants) to shoot off fireworks, and we all had a great time. No one got hurt, or burn anything. Something I really noticed this year is the difference between little boys and little girls; watching all the boys were not afraid at all, while the girls just sat and watched. I’ve never been a huge fan of fireworks, especially lighting any off other than sparklers. Last night Mason loved it, an older man in the neighborhood had bought a bunch and was letting everyone light them off, well Mason was completely digging that. So, next year I will have to buy more than just sparklers. Made me a little sad my kid is growing up! ;(4th of july 2016

Hope you all had a fantastic Independence Day!! 

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