25 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

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Have you ever heard of Random Acts of Kindness? It’s exactly how it sounds, you perform an act of kindness towards someone, something or place. In honor of Saturday(February 17th) being Random Acts of Kindness Day I’ve compiled a list of ideas to celebrate the day. But don’t feel like you need to restrict Random Acts of Kindness just to one day feel free to do it anytime.

An act of kindness goes along way. It could turn someones rough day upside down, or even their year. It’s contagious. Doesn’t have to cost you any money. Do what you can.

  1. In the drive thru, pay for the person’s order behind you.
  2. Pick up trash at a park.
  3. Hold the door for someone.
  4. Bring a neighbor cookies.
  5. Compliment a stranger.
  6. Smile to five strangers today.
  7. Bring someone a coffee.
  8. Buy someone lunch.
  9. Help an elderly, disabled or a parent put their groceries in the car.
  10. Walk a neighbors dog.
  11. Bring cookies to a police or fire station.
  12. Paint rocks and hide them at a park or around town.
  13. Go pet the animals at a local animal shelter.
  14. Look in the mirror and tell yourself 5 positive things.
  15. Return a shopping cart for someone at the grocery store.
  16. Ask someone if you could pick something up at the grocery store for them.
  17. Donate food, blanket or towels to the local animal shelter.
  18. Send someone a (free) e-card!
  19. Give water bottles to the homeless on the street.
  20. Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting, who says you can’t do something kind for yourself?
  21. Write encouraging notes and place in random spots; like the library, grocery aisles, on someones car window.
  22. Donate books to one a local Little Free Library.
  23. Let someone pull in front of you in traffic.
  24. Tell someone how much they mean to you.
  25. Put money in a parking meter that’s about to expire.

The ideas are endless, choose any of the above or think of another one. Just do something you’ll enjoy doing, it’ll make someone else’s day and yours as well. And hopefully it’ll be contagious. We could use more kindness in the world!

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Sharing is caring!

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