You know you’ve had a hectic week…


journey called lifewhen you’ve only blogged once this past week! I’ve been trying so hard to be present on my blog, at least 3 times a week. Bu you know life happens and you just get so caught up with it, but I guess that’s why many bloggers schedule back up post for this reason! I’m just letting you know I’m here and¬†this is what we’ve been up to, why I haven’t been around, my excuses ūüėČ

+ First off, last week was spring break so this week was your typical¬†getting back into the hang of things kind of week. Well, for Mason that meant not wanting to be at school so his typical strong personality, I had to pick up early at school twice just because he “didn’t like school, and didn’t want to be there” and refused to do any work.

+ We have a large amount of stuff to do for my husband/my job and have been extremely busy trying to get it all done and on top of that finish all the house projects! This alone could take up all our time.

+ Despite all the above, our lives are no where near hard and I should appreciate even the difficult parts of life! This past week read some very sad news of a family I’ve known since I was a kid. They’re 5 year old daughter who this past year has been fighting cancer, this past week was told by the doctors that her cancer is not curable and suggest hospice care for her. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through. So, if you could send a prayer their way. Pray for a miracle for the little girl, pray for her pain to be gone, pray for the family, pray they get to take the Disneyland trip. Hold your loved ones tighter, cherish every day!

+ I’ve been looking into conferences, I would love to start attending them to grow as a blogger, to learn more, to expand my network. I’ve realized I know¬†quite a bit about blogging and how to journal but not the whole media world. I would love to stay local at first, only for budget reasons, until I start making money blogging, I mean a steadily monthly income and not sporadically. Do you know of a great local (Pacific Northwest) conference or blogger session?

+ My sister is getting married and plans on having a destination wedding. The original plan was for Mazatlan but it’s no good now, not safe! The new plan is now we are going on vacation and a wedding in MAUI for a week in February. I can’t wait, I love Hawaii! Now the research and planning begins. Looking for a family friendly hotel on the beach preferably in Wailea and activities to do. Have any recommendations?


Thanks for still following along our journey called LIFE! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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