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On Love, Tabitha you’ll discover content about lifestyleparenting, as well as travel and entertainment! We call the Pacific Northwest home, so I frequently write about that area as well. My writing goals for 2018 are more articles on fashion, crafts and recipes. Subscribe via email if you haven’t already, you’ll in informed when I publish new content.

If you’re interested in working with me, you can email me at about any inquiry and/or read below for a little more information.

Some services I offer on my site but not limited to, email me for additional info and rates.

  • Sponsored content
  • Product Reviews
  • Hosted stays
  • Giveaways
  • Brand Ambassador Programs
  • Guest postings *fee
  • Gift Guides
  • Event Coverage

Product Review
If you would like us to try a product, all I ask is that it has a minimum value of $30, if it is below $30 you will only receive social media coverage. The product needs to be full size, the company pays for shipping and all products are non-returnable. Expect reviews to be published 4-6 weeks after I receive the product. I’ve included links to a couple reviews I’ve done in the past;

Giveaways tend to bring traffic, people love to win! It is free to host a giveaway on Love, Tabitha along with a product review, however for a small fee you may host a giveaway without a review. Love, Tabitha does not ship the product to the winner, the company is responsible for that and if any prizes get lost or damaged.

My family and I love to travel, whether it’s a 15 minute drive or a 15 hour flight someplace. We love to experience! If you are a tourism board, resort, restaurant, ect. looking to host us, please don’t hesitate to email us at , I’d love to go over details. We also LOVE to experience anything in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) so if you would like to host us, we are definitely interested please contact me. You receive a featured post on my blog as well as coverage all over my social media channels. I’ve included links to a couple travel topics on my blog;

Guest Posts 
If you’re interested in guest posting on Love, Tabitha, I offer fellow bloggers to post free of charge with original content only. If you aren’t a blogger please contact me to discuss the fee, but please only original content. It must be family-friendly content.
You can find some of my guest postings below.



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