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Whip-It! whipped cream dispenser #giftsforthehome #giveaway

whip-it #giftsforthehome

My family loves whipped cream and always has a container in our fridge. This Whip-It! Dispenser is perfect for restaurants, cafes, families or when you have people over. Like all the pies you will consume this holiday season 😉

The dispenser includes 3 decorator tips, a tip brush, charger holder & recipe book, two year warranty and the best part reusable, environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable cans!

whip-it #giftsforthehome

whip-it #giftsforthehome

Easy to clean, easy to use, and doesn’t take long to “make” from liquid to whipped cream in 4 shakes. You can purchase a 50 pack cream chargers for $20, and it will honestly last longer than you expect. What better than having fresh whipped cream! Yum! Comes with a recipe book with many recipes that don’t just include whipped cream on hot cocoa or waffles.

Would make the perfect Christmas gift for the foodie or home in your life!

whit-it #giftsforthehome

“If you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-use, great-looking cream whipper, look no further. Made by Whip-It!—the company that invented the gas-charged cream whipper—this all-white whipper is a favorite in both professional and home kitchens. Customers have been lavish in their praise, calling it effortless to use, a breeze to clean, and an unbeatable value.

The ½ L size is a good choice for families and small restaurants. It holds a full pint of liquid, yet fits into the door of most home refrigerators, and on any shelf of most commercial refrigerators. And in just 30 seconds, it produces twice the volume of whipped cream achievable by machine-beating or hand-whisking, saving time, labor and money. A trio of decorator tips make it easy to create beautiful desserts as well as professional-looking garnishes on all sorts of beverages and entrees.

Modern mixologists rely on the Whip-It! Pro for rapid infusions; it gives them the ability to flavor cocktails with herbs, fruits, chiles and other ingredients in seconds instead of weeks. And chefs have discovered how the Pro can minimize marinating time from overnight to just a few hours. Check out the recipe booklet for more great ideas on how Whip-It! can up your game in the kitchen.”



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  1. I would totally just keep this haha…I gave one to my dad several years ago as a gift and he loves it. The kids would love this for their hot chocolate!

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