What we’ve been up…

The past month we’ve been busy to say the least – a lot going on! I was hoping not to be this MIA, but life takes over and find very little time to blog. For all those that care, but mostly for myself here is a dump of what we’ve been up to the past month.

HOUSE REMODEL We’ve been in the process remodeling some of the house, not only is it taking over our time but the house lol. Paints everywhere, furniture all over, loads of flooring! It looks great so far! We are so close to being done and I CAN’T wait!! – so close so close
house remodeling

In the middle of last month, I was couch-ridden with a cold, so for a week and half I didn’t get anything done ;( Colds really suck, but thankfully no one else in the household got it and spring is right around the corner warmer temps less viruses floating around!

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, Mason wanted homemade Minecrafts this year surprisingly they were very simple with a printout I found online. Went to a couple birthday parties, the Marvel Universe Live show, saw the Deadpool movie (not Mason though because it’s so not for children). Joined Snapchat and it’s taking me forever to learn how to use it but you can add me Jinglebellstime !

minecraft valentinessnapchat

We’ve been so busy with everything else, we hadn’t been planning our Sunday Family Days so we needed to put an end to that and make time for ourselves and family so we headed to Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center and Bahama Breeze. We had a great afternoon, especially the delicious food from Bahama Breeze! Spending time with family is very important for growing as a family and individual.

bahama breeze

Went to my first silent auction event at Mason’s school on the latest PTA Family Night. It was a lot of fun and way less confusing than I thought it would be. We won the auction for Mason’s class art work and a Cozy Basket full of teas, cookies, book gift card, cups, books and more. There was even a signed football from Tyler Lockett of the Seahawks that went for $400. One of the teachers at the school husband works for the Seahawks so they have a connection.

I’ve been trying to help out more and take over more of the office work for my husband. That gives him more time to do non-office work, and we’ve got a mile long list to do by this summer! Lots on our plates!!

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