The week – the good, the bad!

We had a pretty mellow weekend and week, it was a long weekend because of Martin Luther King Jr day. I had extra days off work, Mason took days off from school not by choice though. We Paddington which was good, if you haven’t seen it yet. Then Mason joined a soccer team last minute and went to his first indoor soccer game and hadn’t practiced since summer. I was very proud of how well he did, scored a goal even. Go Mason!

Then Monday, we took advantage of the free park day and drove up to Mount Rainier with my parents and niece. It was a beautiful day, minus not very much snow. Took some pictures before the battery died. I have to say Mason is so photogenic, he seems to always have a perfect pose, holds the pose for a while, I honestly think his “bad” pictures is just him blinking. Makes me so jealous!

And then Mason spent the next 3 days sick at home. Asthma and now the Dr thinks he has allergies so he was prescribed with allergy meds, which seem to be helping. Allergies do seem to make since considering he’s had a runny nose for the past 3 months. Poor kid!

DSC_0660[1]Elbe, WA Mt RainierElbe, WA Mt RainierElbe, WA Mt RainierElbe, WA Mt RainierElbe, WA Mt Rainier

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