Wavy hair, don’t care! – How to get beach waves at home!

how to get beach waves

I’ve been blessed with naturally curly hair but like anyone else, my hair has a mind of it’s own and most of the time doesn’t want to cooperate. I’m assuming that’s a common thing for others with curly hair too. If I don’t add some sort of product when it’s wet then it will end with a frizzy fuzz ball, curly hair folks need a lot of hair moisturizer and/or products.

I love trying new products and to find which ones work great for my hair texture and which ones don’t. Right now I have a favorite go to hair product that I use just about every day. I love the Got2B products, they seem to work very well with my hair but sometimes they can be a bit pricey. Lately I’ve been loving the Got2B Waving Spray, it’s my go-to. Who says you can’t have beach waves year round!!

The Waving Spray is light weight, feels like your just spraying water on your head. Not sticky, no smell. Apply when your hair is damp, spray evening on your hair(I spray about 10 squirts on my medium length), let air dry and perfection! So easy to have those perfect beach waves. Straight hair? I don’t have straight hair but it is supposed to work for all hair types. 

There you have it this is my current hair product to get those perfect curls/waves!! Let me know if you’ve jumped on the beach waves wagon? Or you waiting for the summer season!

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