Warcraft Movie Review – bringing children

Warcraft opened in theaters on Friday(6/10) and we were able to see it this weekend. We went in not knowing the story line, because I never played it, my husband used to play it so I had seen glimpses of it here and there but nothing else. The movie was good but not one of my favorites, if I had to rate it 6/10.

They did an amazing job on the graphics, the sets, costumes and makeup. They did a great job with the story even for us who going in have no idea what the game is about. I liked how they used the analogy of good vs evil. Mason really loved it and really wants to play the game now and was trying to decide which character he liked better to play.

Would I bring a child to see this? There are quite a few very scary scenes, Mason closed his eyes once. Immediately when the movie began it was pretty scary, when the story continued it got less scary but still a couple scenes throughout. Other than that lots of action fight scenes, hardly any language and not many sexual type content besides one kiss scene and a birth but it doesn’t show anything. As for bringing a child, I wouldn’t suggest bringing any child under the age of 6 or anyone who scares easily. And to remind your child it is all fake, a fantasy movie.


Disclaimer: I paid for the tickets out of my own pocket, we were not given anything. All opinions are my own.


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