Toddler Talk Thursday: Bedtime Routine

Sippy Cup Mom

What is your toddlers bedtime routine?

Mason is very good when it comes to bedtime(don’t ask me about nap time though), every once in a while he does give us a hard time BUT he does like his routine.

Usually about 15 minutes before bedtime we tell him he gets to watch one more show and then it’s time to brush his teeth. So, 8 o’clock rolls around and we head to the bathroom to brush. He gets his turn and then it’s mine, then we wash his face and head to his room.

He’ll then get in his pj’s and we pick out three books, read those, get him his water and then tuck him in with his “blanky”.
Say his prayers, before leaving we have to leave the light on a bit(a dimmer light) and wind up the music box.

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  1. Brandon's 13 and still insists on a cup of water, and he sleeps with his radio on. Some routines never change! LOL

  2. That's funny…Katie tends to be better about nap times than bed time!Check out my Toddler Talk post this week!

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