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Of course another great and BUSY weekend in October. This month is always jam packed for us, luckily November is usually pretty low key. We are continuing to knock things off our Fall Bucket List. Have you done any fun fall/harvest/Halloween things yet? I would love to know 🙂

I just realized it is already Thursday so I need to hurry and publish this before a new weekend! 😉

Friday was very busy for us! After school and work we headed straight to one of Mason’s classmates birthday party and then we spent 3 hours in Chuck e Cheese before I had to pull him away because it was late and I was tired. Saturday we woke up early and headed to our first Cub Scout event, oh I forgot to mention Mason joined the cub scouts, doesn’t he look adorable handsome in his outfit! We had a good time before it got canceled because of a tornado warning. Yes, I said tornado in Washington, there hasn’t been one since the 1960’s. The rest of Saturday we just relaxed inside.

Sunday again, I had to get up early and go to a CPR class. I don’t know what it was but we had some “off” instructors this weekend; one of the booths at the cub scouts was VERY snappy and rude to the kids and then I swear one of the instructors that was helping with CPR course seemed drunk. After the class was over I took Mason and my niece to a local pumpkin patch. We all had a great time, even with the rain!



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    1. Yes, and another one touched down in Longview the other day, very odd weather! Schilter Farms, yes Olympia if you know where the Nisqually Nature Reserve is it’s right on the other side of the freeway, not too far away from Tacoma. We really like it, they also have Christmas tree’s I think we’re going to check that out this year.

  1. I managed to create a summer bucket list, but totally missed doing a fall one! We have made it to the pumpkin patch and I made pumpkin donuts — so far, that’s it! I’m hoping to squeeze in a corn maze visit, but it’s been raining cats and dogs!

    1. Our fall bucket list usually isn’t very long but I do make it so I don’t forget anything we would like to do 😉 Yumm pumpkin donuts sound so good, I’ve been craving Legendary Donuts lately I think we’ll be stopping by there this weekend!

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