The things boys say/do

Some of the things Mason comes up with, makes me wonder where he gets it from. It’s pretty gross stuff but it’s so funny that it’s coming from a 2 year old.

*He’ll come up to you and say “I’m going to put a booge(booger) on you”, or flick a booge at you and he’s just laughing the whole time he does it. Who taught him this?
*He comes up to you and farts on you or says he’s going to wipe poop on you.

It’s disgusting, do girls this age do this kind of stuff too?
If not, is it too late to trade? Nah, just kidding I love my little gross monster 🙂

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  1. well the bogger thing probly came from grandpa,lol u know thats his fav funny thing to do is pretend to put a bugger on you,lol

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