The shizness he says

Kindergarteners say/do the funniest stuff, okay my kindergartener does! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a couple highlights of our comical life, we need our own reality show. Would you watch it?

Mason: Mom, whats the f word?
Me: A bad word
Mason: What is it? Im not going to say it.
Me: Farts
Mason: (hand to his mouth) Ohhh, that is a bad word.

Mason: ______ showed his nuts in class today.
Me: (about spit my water out that was in my mouth) What? (Since we’ve never said that word and not thinking Mason understands ‘that’ meaning I replied with) Did he have peanuts or almonds in class?
Mason: No, he showed down there. And he got in big trouble.

Wow, when did kindergardeners start talking like that?! So, glad this kid is not in his class next year.

Lately, Mason keeps asking even though the answer never changes, if I will lay in bed with him at night and then he comes up with every excuse in the book and keeps talking about how uncomfortable his bed is. He has such a nice big bed, even some adults don’t have that comfy as one. I’m going to make him sleep outside in the cold with one blanket and no cover and then he can tell me how uncomfortable he is! Bahaha


This tattoo used to say BORN! Mason was running around playing one day and my sister noticed what it now said and we bust up laughing. And of course we got yelled at from “laughing at him” for no reason, he just didn’t understand ๐Ÿ˜‰

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