Take a breath

We have been running non stop this past week, it is nice to have a 4 day weekend! But it never fails, Mason and I both started getting a cold Thursday evening.

Our week has been like this; Monday playdate followed by work, Tuesday went down to spend the night at Great Wolf Lodge, Wednesday morning left the lodge headed home and had to go to work, Thursday went with family to the zoo, went to work(we went swimming) and then my cousins graduation, Friday rested at home before heading to work(swimming again). As you can probably guess my house is a pig pen, I need to go grocery shopping, but I’m sure this week will be less busy and we’ll just be getting ready for school (Mason starts the 10th πŸ™‚

Speaking of school we go in for an open house on Wednesday get to meet his teacher, classmates, see the school. We’re still not ready; I have to pick up a few more supplies, get his hair cut, need to work on a routine, bake some quick healthy breakfast foods(he really likes these)….CAN’T WAIT!! πŸ˜‰

One more week and my kid will be in “full” time(M-F 2 1/2 hours) preschool. Woohoo, yes I said it.

Goodbye Summer, bitter sweet…

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