Pierce County Birthday Party Locations for Kids

Birthday’s are so magical for children, and they only have so many magical ones. It’s almost time to start planning Mason’s birthday party, we do a friends party every other year and we usually have it at a location. If you are local to the Pierce County area, we actually have quite a few locations for birthday parties. If you are planning a birthday party and need an idea, I’ve compiled a list of locations. Most we’ve been to a party at, a few only for younger kids, I’ll leave links and write a short review for the locations we’ve been!

*Perfect for little ones under 5
Updated 1/2018, prices may change so be sure to check out the prices page on each website.

University Place

*Odyssey 1 – for any age! This is a popular birthday location; with an arcade, jungle gym and laser tag. It does get busy during peak hours because it’s open to the public. So, if you are wanting less crowd than go for a weekday or early morning weekend. Included each party package you get a party attendant, set up and clean up, pizza, soda, 10 tokens for each child, supplies. Pizza taste good, and you have the option of purchasing more food/drinks. The jungle gym package $135.00 minimum, up to 7 kids, $15.99 for each additional child and the laser tag package $159.00 minimum for up to 8 kids, $16.99 for each additional guest

Rollin 253 – great price if your child likes skating and you do the public session party, they have plenty of the walker for beginner skaters, a few arcade games. You have the party room for an hour, we’ve been to one party here and the only thing I didn’t quite care for the party attendant wasn’t very attentive to the party and seemed very rushed and busy.

Narrows Bowling Alley – we’ve never attended a party here but this bowling alley is very fun, has a great arcade and lots of lanes. 3 different party packages; Basic $14.99 each child, Economy $9.99, Themed $17.99


Tower Lanes – we’ve bowled and played mini golf here but have never attended a party here! They have a small arcade area with pool tables. But you do have the option to do a bowling party $12.00 per child OR a mini golf party $12.00 per child

*Pt. Defiance Zoo – if you have an animal lover this location is perfect! Party package is $299 for 15 ticket admission, use of the room, unlimited carousel rides and a special visit from one of the animals.

*Tacoma Children’s Museum – this place is a lot of fun, great place for kids 10 and under! Packages up to 15 kids; $200 for shared play time or $300 for 1 hour private play time in the museum!

*Pump It Up – this is probably one of my favorite party places! Any age kid(and their adults) will love this place! You get the play area to yourself so if you had a little one and didn’t want some random preteens jumping all over your kid, this is your location. Not to mention these are the most involved party attendants I’ve seen, they will help yell tell kids to slow down or be nice! Go to the link for pricing!

Chuck E Cheese – if your child loves the arcade this is a good location for a party! They have three different party options; $13.99, $18.99, and $23.99 per child.

*Tacoma Nature Center

*STAR Center – this place is so much fun! The indoor play area is perfect for littles under 5 and the older kids love the outdoor play area. Package prices range from $120- 240

Stewart Heights Pool – have a summer kid? This pool is great fun and has a party room available, can bring in your own food.

Edgeworks Climbing – got a kid who loves to climb? Great birthday location idea. For up to 10 participants between $200-250

*Jozee Rooz – a petting zoo is always perfect for young children! And this place is fairly new to the Tacoma area. They have packages range from $100 to $300

Bounce E House – a place full of bounce houses and a party area, you can bring in outside food which is a huge plus. I haven’t been there in a while, we’ve played there once and been to one party at the old location. starts at $249

Edgeworks Climbing – if your child loves climbing you may want to check out their birthday party info $300 for 10 participants


Skate Tiffany’s – packages from $14.99 to $18.99 per person

Sprinker Ice Skating – got a fan of ice skating? We have a rink in Spanaway and has birthday party packages $170 and $200

*Wiggle Works – perfect for young children, 48″ and under! Prices range from $129-350

*The Little Gym – for ages 1-12 $225-315

*Jumping Juniors – a little farther out in Sumner, a new bounce house location with a little arcade area and baby/toddler closed off section. Go to the site for info http://jumpingjuniors.org/party-info/

Paintball Sports Park – perfect for the older ones and they have low-impact paintball which is just that the balls are traveling at a much slower pace and they have special markers they use. Must be 8 years and older to participate. $55 per player

Old McDebbies Farm & Jim’s U Fish – check out more info

Gig Harbor

*Discovery Village – small play area, for children preschool age and under. Packages for $80 and $325


*YMCA’s – go to the page for more info, depending on the location – they have pool, gym, gymnastic parties! For members and non members $150-200

*McDonalds – contact your local McDonalds for prices

*Parks/Pools – looking for a cheap option? Rent a parks picnic shelter and let the kids play on the playground for free!

Bowling Alley – there are more than the two I named!

Round Table Clubhouse – most have arcades and what kid doesn’t love pizza

Movie Theaters



Don’t see your location on here, send me an email and I will gladly add it to the list.

pierce county birthday party locations for kids