Spring has begun! #weekendrecap

It feels like Spring is finally here, just took it’s sweet time here in the Pacific Northwest! Our weekend was jammed packed with fun, and a lot of time was spent outdoors! How was your weekend?

We ended Friday with the playground and walked a little of Chambers Bay to hide some painted rocks and we happened to find one as well. I love that a lot of the rocks we’ve found, we weren’t actually searching for them, they make the perfect surprise!

weekend recap chambers bay

Saturday was mostly spent spring cleaning, starting/finishing projects and office work. It was our most rainy day of the weekend, so a lot of the day was spent indoors. We’ve got a lot to get ready for the summer and also the baby’s arrival! I took a trip to Lowes to get all our veggie starter stuff. I also received my favorite fundraiser chocolate bars ⇓ I’ve been waiting like two years for these candy bars but Mason’s school never sells them, I was so excited to see a friends son selling them! lowes gardeningchocolate worlds finest

We also took a break from everything going on and had a late lunch at Steamers down by the water in Tacoma! The fish and chips didn’t disappoint but sadly I think their clam chowder recipe changed a bit, wasn’t as good as we remembered. And supposedly the guys agreed that I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures at lunch, but I just laughed!

family fun day steamers titlow tacoma

We ended the weekend with the most beautiful day, from start to finish the weather was perfect! Woke up to the birds chirping and sun shinning, couldn’t get any better! I was able to get a good start on yard work, but really had to limit myself because my body ached.
Nesting has officially begun, but it’s no fun when you want to get so much done but your body gets too exhausted, too soon! I am also officially in the third trimester, 28 weeks. 12 weeks to go.

spring has begun gardening

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