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Santa Claus is coming to town

On Saturday we went to our town’s annual Christmas tree lighting and Mason got his picture taken with Santa. He’s never been afraid of him, although we never got a first year Santa picture (bad Mom, I will always feel a little bad for that). We did get some pictures though, I had a Santa jacket on and holding Mason.

Mason’s first Christmas pictures
Wasn’t he (still is) adorable?!!
So, here’s him seeing Santa this year. I did get a good picture of him and Santa smiling at the camera, $4 for a 4×6 and the proceeds go to Kiwanis. I like how it has been the same guy playing Santa for the past 3 years(that we’ve been). He was so happy and said he LOVED Santa so much 🙂
Santa was trying to get him to look at my camera, but I like this one better he can’t keep his eyes off him so cute!! 🙂

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