Prayers for health

I debated writing this but I’ve made it clear in the past that I hate how the social media world is so “fake” and makes people’s lives look so picture perfect! To say my families had a lot going on lately is an understatement and that’s why I’ve been so absent here. So much stress all around! Looking forward to summer break more than ever!!


I’ve talked many times about Mason’s strong-willed personality, well it’s gotten to the point that we had to seek out a counselor and have him evaluated to see if there was also something else going on and to get some extra help. First off Mason is an amazing kid, brilliant, determined, can be extremely helpful, happy and caring, but when the mood strikes has big angry outbursts and has a hard time with authority figures telling him what to do. Where the school doesn’t know how to deal with him when they strike, besides sending him home. So, we’re starting out with weekly counseling meetings and a boys anger management group. He just needs more¬†guidance. This has been overwhelming our life lately and looking forward to getting on a smoother path.

Like I said, summer break can’t come fast enough!!!


We can thank the Lord my mom’s heart procedure went extremely well yesterday and now she can get back to normal. She had to have her heart jump started yesterday because of Afib, the Dr’s say it was most likely caused by the radiation. Like I’ve said before my mother is one strong woman and has had quite a bit of health problems in the last couple years.

Thank you for your comments!