I’m here to talk about our furry family members! We recently gained a new member, that little furry butt on Mason’s shoulders. Her name is Chloe. She was a stray at my parents, who we adopted, she’s now about 10 weeks old. She’s your typical kitten, plays hard when she’s awake, whine’s for food all day long, working on potty training – 90% of the time goes in the litter box. Super cute, when she’s not attacking you 😉

Bertha really could care less, the kitten will try cuddling and playing with her but she’ll just get up and move. They don’t have that connection yet. Hopefully it will come! They don’t hate each other – so that’s a good thing. Bertha gets as much attention as she did before and I’m sure loves the company while we’re gone.

So, now that we’re almost out numbered by our pets – 1 dog – 1 cat – 1 fish! Animals are good for the soul!

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