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Over the last couple months we have introduced you to the pet food AvoDerm®! We switched our furry family member over to the new AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu a little over 6 weeks ago and it has went very well. We adopted Bertha from a rescue over a year ago, she came to us over weight, so who knows the type of foods she was eating, what kind of exercise she was getting. So, feeding her healthy nutritious food is very important to us, so we were thrilled when we were sent a 6 week supply of the new revolving menu food.

Although we have not seen a weight lost, that could be because she keeps sneaking in the cat food and less exercise, she does seem to be happier, shiny coat and we are at ease knowing she is consuming a healthy diet. She currently does not have any allergies or any that we are aware of, but that could change in the future and who’s to say she doesn’t have a sensitive stomach? The Revolving Menu helps pet parents avoid food sensitivities, vary your pet’s proteins so they don’t develop allergies and because it’s specially formulated, no stomach/digestive upset with the switch between proteins.

Revolving Menu helps pet parents avoid food sensitivities :
Help minimize the risk of food sensitivities by varying proteins
Switch proteins with stomach/digestive upset (duck today, lamb tomorrow!)
Grain Free, Gluten Free
A limited ingredient list to help further minimize sensitivities
Meat Protein as the first ingredient
No white potatoes or fillers

Avocadoes are a nutrient rich SuperFood:
Avocados are a nutrient booster that helps pets absorb more of the nutrients they need
Avocados are rich in heart healthy fats and omega 3&6 fatty acids
Avocados are packed with antioxidants and nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, including
vitamins A, C, E & B6 for overall health

Buying AvoDerm is easy, found online at Petsmart.com and other online locations. Or find it at a specialty store nearest you, go check out the store locator, and if you are local to me we can find it at MudBay. Available in small and large size dogs, also available for cats.

Check out http://www.avodermnatural.com/ and AvoDerm on Facebook!


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