Oregon Coast Trip- Lincoln City

oregon coast lincoln city

Yes, I’m always a couple weeks behind, get used to it 😉 Last month we went to the Oregon Coast with some family and I’m here to tell you how our trip went. We started it out by stopping for 7-Elevens free slurpie day, we have been doing this for the past two years, although I don’t see why we do, we never finish the small cup it has SO much sugar, how do you get a larger size??!!

So, the drive was nothing spectacular took us about 5 hours – long drive. The beach house was beautiful; we spent a lot of time relaxing and having a good time. Ate tasty food, my sister in law is an amazing cook!

Drove down south to Newport and spent a day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Ripley’s believe it or not, the wax museum and undersea garden. The Aquarium was worth the visit, it’s a bit pricey but what zoo isn’t! For the Ripley’s, wax museum and undersea garden we got the deal all 3 for $25; I don’t think I’d do any of them again. The undersea garden is just an aquarium with star fish, fish and crab, nothing special at all – Ripley’s was okay but all the stuff was just replicas and stuff you can watch on the show or pick up the book – the wax museum was the best out of the 3 with a few cool stuff. If you are in Newport though, definitely walk the pier and all the shops.

lincoln city oregon coast

DSC_0880[1]lincoln city oregon coastlincoln city oregon coast

oregon coast lincoln city


I’ll take a home right on the beach 😉

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