Monster Jam (review)

tacoma dome monster jam

monster jam

We went to Monster Jam this past weekend, it was our first time and I thought it was awesome! It was just the amount of adrenaline for me. It is the perfect event for any truck lovers, ages 3-100. Music, trucks flipping and doing wheelies, racing. I loved watching the ATV races, they were pretty fast and everyone cheered on their favorite drivers. Our fav’s were GRAVE DIGGER and then we really liked Zombie on the ATV. Mason also loved Scooby Doo and the Dalmation, which he was amazed when he found out that they were both driven by female drivers. A fact about Grave Digger’s driver, which I didn’t learn until after the show, Cole Venard returned to driving after a devastating accident in 2010 took his foot, he now drives with a prosthetic foot.

Although the boys said they enjoyed it, they did mention there just wasn’t as much action as they expected. I thought it was the perfect amount.

One must have at Monster Jam? Ear plugs! Don’t forget to bring them or purchase them there. It gets very loud. Monster Jam is probably not for someone with sensitivities to sound, when I say it’s loud it is really loud and at times you can feel it all the way down to your core. 

If you’re looking for more pictures and videos of our Monster Jam trip check out my Instagram account.

Check out when there coming to your town.
Disclosure: My family and I received tickets to see Monster Jam from Feld Entertainment, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

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