Lunch Box Reality

lunch box reality

Yes, we’ve seen all the many creative ideas for packing your child’s lunch for school 🙂 I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick of seeing all the “ways” to pack a lunch lol.

Yes, the lunch looks nice when you make it and take the picture, but did you forget the lunch box is thrown into the backpack and thrashed around in your child’s bag?!

So, before you stress out about packing your child’s lunch. Just remember these simple tips;

  • Don’t worry about making it look nice, it will all get shaken up anyway
  • Think about what or what not your child will eat, you may think they are eating everything but in reality they are smart and just throw it away 🙂
  • Pack a healthy-ish lunch, it needs to fill up their bellies and help them focus in school
  • The lunch ladies will help your child open things up but try to pack easy things that your child can open themselves
  • Stop trying to up the other parents by packing the “perfect” most healthiest lunch, your kid doesn’t want organic dried seaweed as their treat when the other kids get cookies or a pudding
  • Then again don’t pack them chips, cookies, soda and a Lunchable. Find a middle!
  • The school’s have really changed things up in the lunch department(at least my son’s school has), if your child wants to have a day he/she wants to buy lunch, let them. If your worried about them not getting all the nutrition from the lunch, live a little it’s just 1 meal 🙂 Think of it as a learning experience and teaches them independence 🙂
  • Remember the food pyramid! (And what your child will eat!)



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  1. There are so many things we can’t pack in the lunch box it is frustrating, Leo loves Nutella sandwiches and we are not suppose to pack Nutella sandwiches or peanut butter and yes I get it about the nut allergies but it is still frustrating, I always try to pack good healthy stuff but to be honest most of the stuff we can pack he will not eat and yes I have packed a Nutella sandwich once or twice without thinking

    1. That’s a bummer, in Mason’s school there are some nut allergies in school but they just have the student with the allergy not sit by anyone with nuts in their lunch.

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