I’m attending #BLOGHER16 in Los Angeles

I am beyond excited, I took the plunge and finally registered myself for my first blogger conference! I’m attending #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles in August. I can’t wait to network with brands and other bloggers, learn how to grow as a blogger and just soak up as much as I can and it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun too! I’m also extremely nervous, as I will be stepping out of my comfort zone. As this is completely new for me, any advice is much needed, would love a comment!

Say hi to this #Newbie here if you see me 🙂

I'm Going to #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles!

Are you going to BLOGHER16? I would love to connect before the conference, please leave a comment with your blog url!!

Are you brand and looking to sponsor bloggers? Please contact me at jinglebellstime@gmail.com would love to arrange something.

Thank you for your comments!