I have a 2nd grader

Back to the daily grind, but it’s a good feeling. Mason’s first day of 2nd grade started out wonderful, he wanted to do everything himself including make his lunch. I did help though and got to take him to school, even though he insisted on riding the bus. He’s growing up and it’s bitter sweet! He is pretty excited for school to start, mainly to see his friends, also he has a desk this year. Just praying we have a wonderful year.

While I sit at home, I wonder how his day is going, it’s also nice to have a little time.


I can’t believe how much he is growing up and sadly wanting more space from me, to do everything on his own. He had a wonderful first day and said his favorite part was the compliments from the teachers. How great is that! After school our day continued to be great, we got homework done without a fuss, he still got to play outside with his neighbor friends for a couple hours, they even had a “war” with some of the other mean neighbor kids and it didn’t end in any huge fights or him getting in trouble. Life is pretty good, great start to a new school year!

Thank you for your comments!