How to help support your baby’s health for life with #Evivo (Promo Code)


My family has begun a new health journey, one important thing is we are learning about the benefits of taking probiotics. No, we’re not one of those crunchy families but we are taking steps to support the health of our family, including the baby. As her mother I want her to grow up strong and healthy, so I’m making sure I provide her with all the support to live a long healthy life right from the beginning. We all know as a parent it is so difficult to see your child in pain, especially when it is something you could of helped prevent.

I’m not the only mother, or parent who wants to give their baby everything she/he needs to grow up healthy and strong. Which is why you need Evivo.

Evivo is a probiotic powder and the only probiotic that is clinically proven to;

♥maximize every bit of breast milk’s nutrients to feed baby
♥restore the level’s of B. infantis in baby’s gut
♥protect baby’s gut microbiome for a healthy metabolism and immune system
♥defend against bad bacteria linked to eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity

Recent studies suggest that the vast majority of today’s moms are no longer passing the beneficial B. infantis bacteria to their babies at birth. Many of these moms lack it themselves. –

The ideal time to help establish a healthy infant gut microbiome is during the first 6 month so life. Unlike traditional probiotics, Evivo when combined with breast milk, helps reduce harmful bacteria in babies intestines and restores the gut to its original natural state.


I encourage you to learn more about Evivo and how you can help keep your baby healthy for life with Evivo probiotics.


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