How many is too many presents?

Christmas. The holiday of many emotions. Joy, happy, cheerful, excited, stress, sad… Let’s discuss PRESENTS! Why has it become such a stressful thought? Yes, many families can’t financially afford it but remember a tree full of presents Christmas morning is not what Christmas is about. Yes, many families can afford it and are stressed picking ALL those “perfect” gifts, how many of those families put at least one less gift under the tree and into a home that doesn’t have much. Why do we have to have so many gifts under the tree?!! It’s not a competition. Remember quality over quantity.

5 reasons we are having less under our tree this christmas

  1. We get new things all year long. That includes toys. Mason is constantly getting new toys, books, things. In past years I would start to get envious looking at all the presents people would have under their trees Christmas morning, then I realized they may have a full tree but is it stuff they save all year long or would they rather spend money on presents then vacations. I love buying myself and giving Mason new stuff year round and not just at the holidays. It makes me happy year round!
  2. We have donated this year to foster kids. We may not be able to see them open the gifts and their smile but it is an awesome feeling just knowing and also teaching Mason the spirit of giving. What Christmas is truly about!
  3. Christmas isn’t just about opening presents. It’s about giving, family, joy, happiness, fellowship, Jesus, to be Merry! All those are way more important than materials.
  4. Earlier in the year I had read an article and really stuck with me. It talked about children talking to each other about what Santa brought them and not understanding why Santa only brought them socks and underwear and their friend a new bike. Just something us parents need to keep in mind. “Santa” isn’t able to stop at every little boy and girls house 🙁 And your children should be appreciative that you give them any presents, let’s not raise ungrateful little terds. I know some families do the 4 gifts; want, need, wear, and read – that’s awesome, and maybe some year we can take that challenge.
  5. Last reason. Every year so far, Mason has had plenty of wrapped presents under the tree. There is always too much stuff, he eventually plays with it all but only about half of the stuff becomes his usual. Not to mention all the other gifts from family he receives.


I will not be going overboard with Christmas presents this year! Would love to hear about what you do for presents, or if you don’t? The comment button is down below 😉 I’m a little sad Christmas is so close, I love everything about the holiday, the presents is actually my least favorite thing.

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