Happy June 1st

Sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee, wondering where the sunshine is. It’s almost summer and still raining almost every day. Last time I checked weather.com said it’s supposed to get sunny on Sunday and stay that way, let’s hope that doesn’t change. Don’t have any big trips planned for this summer, so we’ll just have to think of fun local stuff to do. We are going camping at Crescent Lake in August which I’m pretty excited about, we didn’t go camping last summer thought Mason was too young plus we were pretty busy with the wedding. Below is some photos from last summer.

Playing at Penrose State Park
Yes, I’m a nerd! Girls day, trip to Forks with my mother and cousin
Mason’s 1st time at Ocean Shores, he loved the waves so much. Can’t wait to go back this summer
Bachelorette Party, at the Cheesecake factory
Our wedding day
Oahu, beautiful but very crowded

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