Don’t forget to reserve those camping spots!

It’s that time, if you haven’t already started making your camping plans and reservations. Now is the time! When you book early you get the relief of choosing the perfect spot, the good sites even whole popular campgrounds get picked through before summer even arrives. You also get the relief that it’s already booked so when it comes time all you have to worry about it packing for your trip and not the stress over whether you find a spot or not. Camping can be so beneficial for everyone including families it’s a time to unwind, unplug, family time, enjoy the sunshine and outdoors.

If you’re local to Washington go to WA State Parks to view campgrounds and reserve a site!

Although we will have a new baby sometime this June, I’m still planning our annual camping trip. We’ll just be going towards the end of August and staying in a yurt to make it easiest. It will be quite the adventure. Stay tuned for tips on camping with a baby!!

Below you will find “5 Tips for Camping with Kids” I wrote a couple years back and also reviews of the campgrounds we’ve experienced the past two years, just click each of the pictures. 


1. Bring plenty of snacks and water and when planning meals remember simple easy quick is best(think pre-made)!

2. Bring toys but don’t over pack, they don’t need anymore than 3 toys, if that even.

3. Don’t forget those flashlights/lanterns for those nights walking to the bathroom and blankets/sweatshirts, no matter how hot you think the day is the temp drops when the sun goes down and you are covered with trees. And you don’t want a whinny kid especially when there is no fire to keep them warm.

4. Don’t over do it, camping with children can be exhausting not just for them but for you. Most wake up with the sun rising and stay up late. Unless you’re a seasoned camper, only plan for a couple nights. Take a nap.

5. Don’t forget the sunblock, bug spray, any meds, first aid(you will always need at least 1 band-aid).


millersylvania state park campgroundCHECK OUT OUR REVIEW OF CAMPING AT MILLERSYLVANIA
n Olympia, WA

manchester state park

n Port Orchard, WA


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