Daily items I can’t live without!

I’m often curious to know what items people use every day and their favs! Getting a peek into someone else’s lives is fun, you get to see what you have in common and you just get to know them a little more. I would love to know what some of your things/products you use daily? So, here are my top 5 items I use daily.

  1. Vitamins
    Over the past year we’ve really paid attention to vitamins and what we should be taking. And they are definitely a daily must! The difference is amazing when you really start paying attention to your body and what it’s lacking, even when you think you are getting enough nutrition.  A must for Mason is the Kids CALM Multi Vitamin, and believe me you can tell when he skips even just a day, I can’t recommend this vitamin enough it has been amazing!! For me, I like to take B12, Vitamin D and Fish Oil daily. These help with my energy levels, exhaustion, mood and actually circulation(I have very cold hands)! Do you have a vitamin you can’t live without??
    daily vitamins
  2. Cell Phone
    Sadly, I have a hard time living without my phone, you know that naked feeling lol! If I got paid for every time I use my phone I’d be rich; camera, social media, text… Then this past month I upgraded my phone of 4 years to the new Galaxy S7 and now I’m on it so much more!! The camera takes AMAZING photos!
    galaxy s7
  3. Coffee & Cute Mugs
    Enjoying a cup of coffee, going over my planner/to-do list for the day has become my relaxing ritual each morning. To be honest I don’t necessarily need the caffeine, that little kick is nice but I could do decaf or cup of tea would work just fine. I’m more of a routine person and this gets me moving for the day 🙂 And is it just me or does the coffee just taste so much better in a cute mug?!! We almost always buy Starbucks brand, maybe living in the land of coffee made us coffee snobs but it just isn’t the same with off brands. We occasionally buy my husbands favorite brand Raven’s Brew which is made in Alaska, but in my opinion too expensive to purchase all the time. Do you have a favorite coffee brand??
  4. Lotion
    A little secret my skin is very dry and sensitive, if I don’t wear lotion and either need a lotion with very little fragrance or none at all. I love this Honest Face & Body Lotion especially when I travel because I can use it for my whole body from head to toe, without breaking out with a rash.
    honest company lotion
  5. Lipgloss
    Another thing I use every day, throughout the day. Covergirl Lipgloss with color, I just don’t like how light my lips are and this gives them a little color but not that sticky texture. So, you can find this is my purse all the time and specially this color too, I just love it!!
    covergirl lip gloss

Would love to know what items you use daily? Give me a peek inside your life 😉

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