Baby’s Five Month Update #Piper

Someone’s more like 5 1/2 months already, better late than never! Can’t believe how quick time flies and this little girl is almost half way to one. She is the perfect addition to our family and we all love her so much. Her smile will light up any room, her beautiful blue eyes will steal your heart and her loud upset cry will make you run for the hills 🙂

Her first Thanksgiving was pretty low key but great, dinner at home with just the four of us. Sickness had spread through out the house that week. Baby's Five Month Update

5 months

+ loves to be tickled, the dog, her brother, her bouncy activity center
+ rolls all around
+ working on sitting up
+ wears 9 month clothing or 6-12 months
+ only sleeps in her Magic Sleepsuit and still in Mom & Dad’s room
+ still easy going except when overly tired
+ still gets up at at least once a night
+ has tried a couple pureed foods, no dislikes but her favorite is peaches
+ our little blonde hair blued eyed babe
+ still fairly easy baby unless overly tired
+ loves to help Mom volunteer at brothers school and watching all the kids

Baby's Five Month Update


Why the Ergobaby Omni 360 is the best baby carrier for you?

Why the Ergobaby Omni 360 is the best baby carrier for you?

With both my kids I used a baby carrier; with my first (9 years ago) I had a carrier I found at Target, I had never even heard of the Ergobaby. It wasn’t until a few years ago I noticed some parents wearing their babies/toddlers in an Ergo, so after I found out I was pregnant with Piper I knew I had to get me one.

Let’s just start off by saying there are certain Baby Must Have items that should be on every new parents list and a good baby carrier is one of them. It can make life so much easier from grocery shopping to doing household chores. I’ve been wearing Piper in an Ergobaby since she was a couple days old and everyday since. Before I was sent the Omni 360, I bought myself the Original ErgoBaby. The past few months I’ve been able to experience both the carriers. I really like the Original Carrier but I really LOVE the Omni 360!

The Ergobaby Omni 360 does it all, literally! From week 1 to 36 months, it grows with you. It’s the most versatile carrier from Ergobaby. It offers all the carrying positions; front-facing you or front-facing out, back, hip, infant to toddler without needing to add an infant insert. Extra cushioned straps that are able to cross, holds baby in a hip healthy M shape and a lumbar support for extra back comfort. Comes in colors; khaki green, pure black, pearl grey, midnight blue. Easy instructional manual comes with the carrier, also find online and they have great demo videos.

Ergobaby Omni 360

The Ergobaby Omni 360 is so easy to use, you can do it all without needing an extra pair of hands, you can even buckle the back by yourself and it isn’t complicated with a bunch of extra buttons and straps. It has extra safety features that can be done with one hand. VERY comfortable, I haven’t experienced any back pain even after wearing it for 3 hours straight. The carrier not only fits all sizes of baby, but also most adults. I’m plus size and the carrier fits me perfectly and is adjustable. I love how it doesn’t require an infant insert, like the Original does – don’t get me wrong the infant insert worked in the Original but it would occasionally need to be adjusted.

I love how I’m able to bond with my baby and be able to carry her with my hands being free. We use the carrier for shopping trips, trips to the park, cooking dinner, doing household chores like vacuuming. It has a built in cover that we use frequently for naptime and a cover from the rain, which we get a lot of in the PNW. It also comes with a removable pouch that is convenient for carrying your cell phone and/or a small wallet, for those days you don’t want to carry around your purse.

Ergobaby baby carrier

Front facing in
From newborn
Min. 7 lbs & Min. 20 in
(Best position for baby during 4th trimester 0-4 months)

Front facing out
From ~ 5 months
Min. 14 lbs
(Use once baby has strong head control and baby’s chin should also fully clear over the top of the carrier)

From ~ 6 months
Min. 17.2 lbs
(Use once baby can sit up on her/his own)

From ~ 6 months
Min. 17.2 lbs
(Use once baby can sit up on her/his own)


The ABC’s of Baby Wearing!

A is for airway
Can you see baby’s face? Keep child close enough and in view at all times.

B is for body position
Front carry: be sure the baby supports the baby without slumping, with baby’s knees at or above bum.
Facing out: make sure baby has complete head and neck control and chin above carrier.
Back & Hip carries: baby should be sitting unassisted.

C is for comfort
The carrier should be comfortable for you and baby. If you do not feel comfortable and confident with the carry you are doing, please contact Ergobaby directly.


10% Off Code: jo8KbuYBBM
Details: Works for one item in the shopping cart
Expires: September 30, 2018

ErgoBaby Omni 360

Instagram: @ergobaby


Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for this post, however my love and opinion of Ergobaby is all my own. This post contains affiliate links.  #Ergobaby #LoveCarriesOn

Why Freshly Picked should be the go-to shoe for your baby!!

Why Freshly Picked should be the go-to shoe for your baby!!

I love shoes! They are my number one thing to shop for and accessorize with. So of course, Piper needs a collection of the cutest shoes!! With shopping for shoes comes a few rules(if you want to call them that), for children and adults alike.

When shopping for the best shoe for baby, these are key;
1. Skip any sort of support – their little feet are still forming so as natural to the barefoot as possible
2. Comfort – they should be comfortable for them to wear
3. Durable – nothing worst then spending money on a shoe that doesn’t last

freshly picked moccasins

Moccasins make the perfect shoe for babies and toddlers. They are as close to barefoot as you can get, with protection from the ground. I learned about Freshly Picked while I was pregnant with Piper and knew she had to have a pair! (Or two…)

What first attracted me to them was the cute and fun designs; they have ones with flamingos, or donuts, or cars and so many more. When Piper’s first pair arrived, I was very impressed. I decided to get a solid color, the Emerald. They are a beautiful color, I am able to pair them with different outfits, they are comfortable, easy to put on her and don’t fall off easily. We haven’t had any issues with the dye staining the feet or clothing either.

freshly picked moccasins

Freshly Picked moccasins are high quality leather, very durable but also very comfortable and flexible. Soft soles and as close to barefoot as you can get with protection from the ground. Which is what you should look for in buying shoes for your baby and/or toddler.

The Moccasins come in fun and cute designs, as well as solid colors. Sizes range from 0-9, you can find the sizing chart here. Freshly Picked not only sells soft-soled Moccasins, but Sandals (sizes 3-12) as well as Hard-Soled (sizes 7-13). Designs for boys, girls and unisex.

freshly picked moccasins

I am very pleased with my baby girl’s first pair of shoes, moccasins from Freshly Picked. — Tabitha

freshly picked moccasins

Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for this post, however my love and opinion of Freshly Picked is all my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Baby’s One Month Update #Piper

Baby’s One Month Update #Piper

baby's first month

After having kids you realize how quickly time flies. I can’t even believe Piper is already a month old, that I gave birth to a baby girl over a month ago.

It has been a great month so far, but exhausting too. Life is adjusting well with two kids, I love the age gap. Mason can be very helpful at times, and he is adjusting fairly well with needing to be calmer and also not having all the attention on him. (But there are still moments!)

We are all very much in love with this little girl and can’t wait to watch her grow up.

1 month

weight:: 10 pounds 6 ounces
height:: 22.5 inches

We’ve learned some things about Piper in this first month;

+ loves to be held, there are only a couple hours during the day that she isn’t being held so our ErgoBaby carrier is a life saver
+ hates the carseat! This is a tough one for us because it has really limited us from leaving the house. This month I was hoping we could get back into all our adventures and really enjoy summer before it ends, but it’s a rare occasion she isn’t upset having to be trapped in the carseat and I am so thankful I can be a SAHM
+ started smiling at 5 days old, such a smart cookie
+ has cooed and gurgled a little
+ she takes a pacifier and needs to be soothed by that or a bottle a lot
+ she’s in 0-3 and 3 month old clothing depends on the brand but I did recently have to start organizing the next size up because the jammies are getting too short
+ only likes to be swaddled at night and gets upset and frustrated in the evening if she doesn’t have her jammies on
+ loves bath time
+ very strong and loves lifting her head, likes tummy time
+ loves faces and voices
+ feet are ticklish


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Must Have Baby Items ($25 paypal giveaway)

Must Have Baby Items ($25 paypal giveaway)
Disclosure: The post below may contain affiliate links.

It’s amazing how many great baby products there are compared to 9 years ago, over the short four weeks with a new baby we have fallen in love with certain baby items! There are also items that will forever be on the “must have” list! As a parent you are always searching for those items that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Whether you a first time parent and have no clue where to begin or a seasoned parent there are still products that you may not have tried. Check out my 9 favorite baby items and leave me a comment with you/your families must haves! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!!


Baby Carrier : I’m in LOVE with the ERGOBABY carrier, with Mason I used an Infantino carrier and it’s not even comparable to the ErgoBaby. Piper loves to be held so we wear this every single day, sure it may be more expensive but it is for good reason. It’s very comfortable, breathable, it has a sun shade built in, front and back wearable.
10% off coupon code at jo8KbuYBBM
Valid until 09/30/2018
Details: works for one item in your shopping cart

As always, shipping is free!


Travel System : With my first born I simply had a carseat and a stroller, separate. This time I really wanted to try out a travel system and I can officially say I am so thrilled we did! We opted for the  Baby Trend and it makes it so easy to get the carseat (with her inside) out of the car and just clicks onto the stroller and I don’t have to worry about removing her from the carseat in hopes she doesn’t wake up just to place her in the stroller.

Carseat Cover : See picture above. I actually found this at a consignment store for only a couple bucks. I love how this covers the baby without using a blanket and the risk of your hand slips gripping the carseat handle, plus a cute design.

Side-snap Onesie/Bodysuit : I found these not realizing how much I’d like them, you don’t have to pull over their head so they are so easy to take on/off and to change the diaper. We have the Carters brand but I know Skip Hop makes them as well.

Swaddle Blanket : A swaddle blanket is a must even if you have a summer baby. They just like to be wrapped tight to sleep. I recommend the Halo  brand, like the one below. They can be tucked in with arms out or in, they can’t manage to unravel, it unzips at the bottom for easy diaper changes.

Stuffed Pacifier : No, I don’t suggest going out buying a ton of pacifiers, not every child takes them. Piper likes them but has a hard time keeping a pacifier in her mouth so I gave the Wubbanub a try and surprisingly it stays in her mouth easier.


Formula Dispenser : We have the Munchkin brand, but having this on the go makes preparing a bottle so much easier! Anything to make outings and traveling with a baby easier.

Playtex VentAire Bottles : We love these bottles, when Piper drinks out of these bottles she rarely has to burb, they are great for the little tummy’s. They are very easy to clean as even the bottom comes off.

Newborn Outfits : No matter how big the baby is predicted to be, make sure you have at least a couple newborn outfits including pajamas because you just never know if you will be using them or not. And it won’t be fun if you need to run out to the store just for clothes when you’re healing.

must have baby items paypal giveaway

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How to help support your baby’s health for life with #Evivo (Promo Code)


My family has begun a new health journey, one important thing is we are learning about the benefits of taking probiotics. No, we’re not one of those crunchy families but we are taking steps to support the health of our family, including the baby. As her mother I want her to grow up strong and healthy, so I’m making sure I provide her with all the support to live a long healthy life right from the beginning. We all know as a parent it is so difficult to see your child in pain, especially when it is something you could of helped prevent.

I’m not the only mother, or parent who wants to give their baby everything she/he needs to grow up healthy and strong. Which is why you need Evivo.

Evivo is a probiotic powder and the only probiotic that is clinically proven to;

♥maximize every bit of breast milk’s nutrients to feed baby
♥restore the level’s of B. infantis in baby’s gut
♥protect baby’s gut microbiome for a healthy metabolism and immune system
♥defend against bad bacteria linked to eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity

Recent studies suggest that the vast majority of today’s moms are no longer passing the beneficial B. infantis bacteria to their babies at birth. Many of these moms lack it themselves. –

The ideal time to help establish a healthy infant gut microbiome is during the first 6 month so life. Unlike traditional probiotics, Evivo when combined with breast milk, helps reduce harmful bacteria in babies intestines and restores the gut to its original natural state.


I encourage you to learn more about Evivo and how you can help keep your baby healthy for life with Evivo probiotics.


PROMO CODE: If you would like to receive $10 off an Evivo Probiotics Starter Kit of 4 weeks or more! Please comment below or email me at because each code can only be redeemed by the first 50 readers. Each code expires 9/30