Our lives changed big in 2017!

It’s almost a new year, we are hours away from 2018! We started 2017 as a family of 3(okay 3 1/4) and ending it a family of 4, it was an amazing year in our household! Although we didn’t “do” much, I’d say a lot happened.

Mason has had a great year of growing up and learning how to control his emotions. He’s also doing an amazing job being an older brother, he really loves it and Piper. Piper has brought our family such joy, she is such a happy easy going baby.

I still can’t believe almost 6 months ago we were celebrating 4th of July and early the next morning we would be welcoming our baby girl into our hearts. I still can’t believe the magical delivery I had and I gave birth pain free. Parenting two has came fairly easy for us, it really helped that Mason was so much older.

We decided I could quit my job as a caregiver and stay home with the kids full time. Although I thought life would of slowed down and I’d have more down time, that didn’t happen. We took on managing another trailer park, so we have a total of 4 parks and about 200 tenants. So, not really any downtime. By the way this year I’ve decided to write a “trailer park” series and the reality behind them.

As for the blog; I branched out of my comfort zone and attended a couple blogger events. I blogged some here and there but for the most part I wasn’t 100% committed to my blog as I would of liked to have been.

Here’s to a new year, new beginnings. I’ve got big goals for myself and my blog. Bring it on 2018!!


Most popular posts of 2017

  1. Must Have Baby Items – It had been 9 years since we were buying baby stuff and honestly I was a little surprised by all the cool gadgets and products they have now a days like a formula dispenser. I’ll probably update the list this year as we’ve found some more must have items.
    must have baby items paypal giveaway
  2. 10 Best Things to Buy at Trader Joes this Fall – Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s!! If you don’t frequently shop at TJ’s, at least take a trip there each season.
    10 Things to buy at Trader Joes this Fall!
  3. Visiting Washington’s Wine Country #Prosser – We visit Prosser a couple times a year, it is a beautiful area and town. Although I visited fall 2016, this post was published in 2017, it was a media trip I took and had an amazing time learning all about the town and wine country!
    visiting prosser washington travel wine country
  4. (Tie between) Why the Ergobaby Omni 360 is the best baby carrier for you – I’ve got two Ergobaby carriers, the original and this one which was provided to me for review. I honestly love them both and still use them just about everyday, but this Omni 360 is my fav!
    Ergobaby Omni 360Do you know about Goodwill’s Hidden Side? – Goodwill is an amazing company and not just a place to buy used items!
    Goodwill's hidden side
  5. Baby girl’s birth story – Probably one of my favorite post of the year. We had an amazing and magical birth with Piper, she was born less than 15 minutes of pushing and en caul.
    birth story

Happy New Year everyone!!

Baby’s Five Month Update #Piper

Someone’s more like 5 1/2 months already, better late than never! Can’t believe how quick time flies and this little girl is almost half way to one. She is the perfect addition to our family and we all love her so much. Her smile will light up any room, her beautiful blue eyes will steal your heart and her loud upset cry will make you run for the hills 🙂

Her first Thanksgiving was pretty low key but great, dinner at home with just the four of us. Sickness had spread through out the house that week. Baby's Five Month Update

5 months

+ loves to be tickled, the dog, her brother, her bouncy activity center
+ rolls all around
+ working on sitting up
+ wears 9 month clothing or 6-12 months
+ only sleeps in her Magic Sleepsuit and still in Mom & Dad’s room
+ still easy going except when overly tired
+ still gets up at at least once a night
+ has tried a couple pureed foods, no dislikes but her favorite is peaches
+ our little blonde hair blued eyed babe
+ still fairly easy baby unless overly tired
+ loves to help Mom volunteer at brothers school and watching all the kids

Baby's Five Month Update


Toddy Gear makes the perfect stocking stuffer! #HolidayGiftGuide

Toddy Gear

I’m sure you have someone on your list that could benefit from having a microfiber product to clean their screens and glasses or a tech accessory. Screens or lens accumulate dirt, fingerprints, and oil throughout the day. Toddy Gear offers a collection of fashionable and functional microfiber products that are made to actually remove the gross leftovers of our constant use. Toddy Gear also has an expanding line of tech accessories from cable/cord organizers to power banks.

All the products Toddy Gear carries would fit perfectly as a stocking stuffer. All their products are great quality, reasonably priced, variety of different designs.

They just released their 2017 Holiday Collection which offers more new products and designs; New animal-lover designs, Car mounts, Toddy Tie cord and cable organizers, Stress ball/screen cleaners.

We were sent our first wedge last holiday season and I wrote about how much we loved it. Well, I can honestly say that same wedge is still used every single day and there are some days were we fight over who gets to use it lol. So, you can imagine our excitement when they sent us a new one and my husband claimed it before I could even find the package. I probably need to just buy one for Mason and throw it in his stocking!

(The wedge we received last year)
toddy gear the wedge mobile screens

They have recently just released their 2017 Holiday Collection new products and designs; new animal lover collections, car mounts, toddy tie cord and cable organizers, and stress ball/screen cleaners. All the products we’ve ever tried by them are great quality, durable, cute designs, easy to clean and reasonably priced.

The WEDGE is definitely our favorite; cute designs, durable, keeps your device clean, most importantly makes it so easy to watch something on your phone. $14.99

The POCKET TODDY penguin is cute design, easy to clean when it gets dirty, fits anywhere perfectly including your pocket. $9.99

The CORD ORGANIZER comes in handy with all the devices that are in our household, easy to clean, durable and a fun design. $5.99

Like I said everything is fairly reasonably priced, you can even get a gift set for $45 which includes;
Smart Charge Deluxe Power Bank
Microfiber Smart Cloth
WedgeTM Mobile Device Stand
Matching microfiber pouch
FREE gift box

Interested in finding more gift ideas check out my main page?

Now accepting for our 2017 #HolidayGiftGuide #GiftGuide

Disclaimer: I received product to review, however all opinions are my own.

Gifts for Her #HolidayGiftGuide

Gifts for Her #HolidayGiftGuide

Welcome to Love, Tabitha’s Holiday Gift Guide for Her! Are you looking for that perfect gift for that gal in your life? Below you will find gift ideas for the ladies in your life.

GIfts for her

  1. Earring Four Piece Set with Stone and Leaf Icon $10
  2. DesignWorks Ink Notepad with Pen $10
  3. Striped Cooking Apron $15.99
  4. Brush and bag set in Rose Gold $12
  5. Women’s Remi Faux Fur Knit Mule Slippers $15.99
  6. Wit & Delight Backpack $34.99
  7. Hotel Spa Women’s Velvet Spa Robe $29.99
  8. Polaroid 300 Instant Camera $55

Are you looking for other gift ideas?

Now accepting for our 2017 #HolidayGiftGuide #GiftGuide

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Gifts for Baby #HolidayGiftGuide

Gifts for Baby #HolidayGiftGuide

Welcome to Love, Tabitha’s Holiday Gift Guide for the baby! Are you looking for that perfect gift for that little one in your life? Below you will find gift ideas for the baby(s) in your life.

Gift Ideas for Baby

  1. Tickle Me Elmo $ 24.99 these are back this holiday season
  2. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn First Words Smart Puppy $24.99 this is on Piper’s Christmas list, I wonder if Santa will bring it 😉
  3. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Sis $22 I was just thinking about ordering this for my baby because it’s on sale right now for $10
  4. Fisher-Price Zoom ‘n Crawl Monster $35
  5. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit $39 I can honesty say these are magic, Piper wears her for nap and nighttime, she can’t sleep without it, the second we put it on her in the evening it immediately calms her if not puts her to sleep!
  6. Ergobaby – our baby carrier is used almost daily, just about every time we are out of the house and it’s just easier to wear her than bring the stroller. We’ve reviewed the Omni 360 on the blog.
  7. Freshly Picked – we LOVE Freshly Picked moccasins!
  8. Heartbeat Bear – great unique gift idea!


Are you looking for other gift ideas?
Now accepting for our 2017 #HolidayGiftGuide #GiftGuideIf you are interested in having your product(s) featured on Love, Tabitha Holiday Gift Guide 2017 please contact me at jinglebellstime@gmail.com and please keep in mind I would love to work with you in anyway!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, if something is purchased then Love, Tabitha earns a small commission.