Bloody good ways to survive a rainy day!

It rains here in the Pacific Northwest, probably not as much as you’ve been told but enough, usually we get rain until June but then it’s good until September 😉 As I’m sure most areas get at least some rain during winter, right?!! No complaints from us because who doesn’t love green landscapes, that didn’t come from your water bill! If you’ve come here to find some bloody good ways to survive a rainy day, as a seasoned Washingtonian I have learned a thing or two ;P Fyi most of these are for those non-common sense folks, I’m sure you at least know one person you can share this with!

+ First off there are some days where we get loads of rain, mild flooding here and there but it really shouldn’t affect your day. It amazes me hearing about schools in Southern states closing because it’s raining, not flooding just simply heavy rain. Just follow steps to stay safe and dry, the rain is so good for the environment and benefits us!!

+ Invest in a water proof jacket, water proof boots, and an umbrella!

+ It’s raining, WATER is falling from the sky, if you plan on being outdoors for any amount of time don’t spend hours doing your hair and makeup. It will most likely not stay, so why waste all that time. Find a cute “rainy” hairstyle you love. This should be a no brainier but I see this just about every day, my only hope is they don’t know it’s raining and haven’t seen the forecast.

+ The rain won’t get your child sick, so let them play in it just be sure to throw on dry clothes after. The rain doesn’t hurt, you won’t melt away unless you live in the Emerald City and no not Seattle 😉 If you do take them to the playground, my only warning is teach them not to run on the equipment it can get slippery but other than that don’t stop them from getting some exercise!

+ If you don’t want to play outdoors with your kids and your local to the Tacoma area, check out a few free and cheap ideas of indoor locations.

+ Not a people person? The rain is a great excuse to get out then. The rain definitely scares people away, if it’s something outdoors usually you can find the place to yourself but even if it’s an indoor place, I’ve still noticed the crowd size to be less. People are afraid of the rain lol.

+ Most importantly don’t drive like an a-hole!! Yes, you may be an experience driver in the rain but seriously to the a-hole speeding down the highway swerving in and out of traffic when your windshield wipers are on full speed, you are the reason there are accidents. It’s okay to slow down and be safe! IF YOUR WINDSHIELD WIPES ARE ON SO SHOULD YOUR HEADLIGHTS, even during the daylight!!

rainy day


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