Birthday and Halloween

I know I’m a week behind!

I had such a wonderful birthday, I had really been needing a day where it’s all about me. During the day my sister and I went to the spa, a Korean “naked” spa lol. It wasn’t so bad being naked in front of everyone 🙂 We just went for the heated rooms(my fav), the saunas, pools and a mugwort well. We left feeling so good and relaxed.
Can I go back now?!!
And for dinner the family and I went out to a Japanese Steakhouse where they cook everything right in front of you. It was so much fun and the food was amazing! Mason loved the show and ate so much, makes me happy watching him do/try new stuff. And then I had ice cream cake!! Love!
With my birthday money I actually bought myself some new clothing, it felt good.

For Halloween we of course went trick or treating around the neighborhood, Mason loved it so much didn’t even want us going up to the porch with him. Kept telling us “that’s enough” when we got to the drive ways.
I’m sad I didn’t get pictures(only 1) and haven’t been lately other than my phone and if I’m borrowing my sisters camera- I’m putting it on my Christmas list because I really need one and feel like a horrible mom for not taking pictures ;(

Thank you for your comments!