Back to school time for us parents! w/ Sparkling Ice #BeNotBland


Summer is officially over and school has begun! As a parent you are either A) Jumping up and down with joy B) Pouting because no more lazy days or C) All of above!

I’d say I’m a little of both, sad and glad school is back in session. I’m a stay at home parent so I loved all those lazy sunshine filled days but then I was ready for routines again and my child to stop telling me he’s bored. I’d say our summer break was extra bland┬áthis year only because, well we had a newborn. So, new school year calls for change not only for my now 4th grader but myself. I’m ready to feel human again.

5 ways to start the new school year off right::

  1. You just bought your children school supplies and new clothes, but budget for an outfit for yourself. Treat yourself to a new fall outfit and/or shoes. You earned it after all ­čśë
  2. Me time! Whether you have other little ones at home(or not) or you work, take a little time each week to do something just for YOU! Go to the bathroom alone, paint your nails or have them done, have a drink, the ideas are endless.
  3. Get a little exercise, a short walk or a jog. Get your heart pumping and some fresh air at least 3-4 times a week.
  4. Have readily available refreshing drinks like Sparkling Ice! They taste great and if you want a little extra adult treat add alcohol to them.
  5. Write up goals; something you’d like to accomplish as a family, a new hobby or activity you’d like to try and something you’d like to improve.

So, it’s time to take action and Not Be Bland!

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