Another fun, fun weekend

We had another fun, busy weekend.
As you read in the last post we visited a preschool and Mason did not want to leave, even to go to a birthday party.
So, we ran home ate some lunch and went to the party. 15 minutes late!
After the party we had our monthly girls day. Tried something new this month, we went put put golfing. It was fun but it sure takes a while(we had a large group).

Scroll down for pictures. The pictures were taken by my cousin Vicki.

That cupcake must be very good lol and yes I got him a pair of green converse
“the twins”
our girls day group this month

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  1. Carolyn, you are always more than welcome to join our girls day. I will let you know what day we decide on for next month. And I hope you guys get a spot in the preschool!

  2. Love the pics. Girls day sounds awesome. I wish I had lots of family here. We are #2 on the wait list for Preschool. Maybe we will see you there!

  3. Hello,I am your newest follower….Please stop by and say hi and follow me too :)Thanks and have a great day!

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