5 Things You Should Do Monday Morning

Monday’s are most peoples least favorite day of the week. Why? Because sadly our weekend has come to an end, no more sleeping in, staying up late, a long stretch until have days off, back to the grind. Let’s end the dreadful Monday, with doing these 5 things to start the week off right!! This applies to stay at home parents, students, work at home, work outside of home, retirees – everyone!

5 things you should do monday morning

  1. First let’s start your morning off right; take a nice shower, get a face wash that is supposed to energize, brush your teeth good for at least 2 minutes, make yourself look presentable – make you feel good about yourself, put some sort of jewelry on – my go to is earrings they’re so easy and makes you look like you tried 🙂 Shave, pluck, start the week off fresh!
  2. Breakfast! Always start your day off with protein, eat something light but filling. Enjoy a cup of coffee, or tea if that’s your thing. This is probably my number one morning ritual, helps me relax and get ready for the week. While you’re at it, if you won’t be at home for lunch time make your lunch. That way you won’t be tempted to eat out.
  3. Take 5 minutes from your morning to do a couple stretches, to wake your body up from the long nights rest. Helps with stress, anxiety, body stiffness and pain.
  4. While you’re doing your morning stretches or eating/drinking breakfast, listen to some calming classical music.
  5. This all depends on how much time you have in the morning, have only a few minutes or no time restrictions? Look at your calendar/planner for the week and see what you have planned, you have more of a visual of what’s to come, what to look forward to and not have something sprung onto you. Start writing your to-do list for the week, get prepared! Make goals. Think of it as your planning period for the week.

Start your week off right, and actually this would make a great routine for every morning! What’s one thing you do every Monday morning?

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