5 reasons DEADPOOL is not for children!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, ours was pretty low key because I was sick. The husband and I did get out for a bit, we went and saw Deadpool! We thought it was great, very funny and not your typical Marvel movie – which meant we got a short break from being parents. We did look around at one point to see if any children were present in the theater. Although there has been numerous warnings this is not a kids Marvel movie and if you did not see the R rating! Umm (Even the previews I’ve seen are inappropriate) Sad part, I am still seeing postings about parents bringing their children. This is not a Marvel movie you want to show your kids and here are my 5 reasons! No spoilers here.

deadpool not for children

  1. Right from the beginning LANGUAGE – tons of it! Let’s just say 84 F-bombs! And almost every other word, phrase, gesture, ect. you can think of.
  2. NUDITY and SEX – throughout the whole thing. If the language doesn’t stop you from showing your children, this must! A full movie of sexual references, sex, nudity and not just brief!
  3. Violence and gore but what Marvel movie doesn’t, this just steps it up a couple notches.
  4. Intense Frightening scenes – there are some and last longer than just hiding your eyes for a couple seconds.
  5. Not a lot but there are some drug, alcohol, and smoking in the film and I’m not talking about weed. This is lower on the list, but I still don’t want my child hearing or seeing these scenes.

So, parents be advised! If you want to check out the full parental guide click here. Don’t let this stop you it’s a very funny movie so get a babysitter and go see it!!

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