30 feels good

Well, I’m officially in my 30’s! I’d say it feels good but honesty it doesn’t feel any different then 29. Everyone does say the 30’s is the best years, so I will embrace these years. I promise to enjoy life, do things that I love, less guilt, be more productive and less procrastination. Better self image, be happy in my own skin; my nose will never shrink and I don’t feel comfortable getting plastic surgery, there are tons of cute plus size clothing, I will always have a pear shape and I enjoy food too much!

“There’s no better time than now.” That’s my new motto.

My actual birthday was pretty good. I didn’t really want much; just a relaxing day for myself, ice cream cake and a ham dinner with my family. I got all that and much more! Even my husband got me a present and that’s saying something because usually him and Mason forget. I felt very loved that day! Thanks everyone!

Here’s to many more great years.


 Cut my hair a little shorter, I’m really loving the short hair lately. It’s easy and prevents me from wearing it in a pony tail all the time. Win win!

Thank you for your comments!